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EBook NameFree Web Design Ebook
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EBook Description: Here is a blog post about a freely available Web Design Ebook that explains and demonstrates the latest Web-building techniques, how to redesign a site for optimum usability, how to limit user bandwidth needs, how to keep user experience consistent with CSS, and manage content. This ebook covers the following web development and design topics: full-site makeovers (user speed, color themes, improved accessibility), page makeovers (page sizing, working with tables), text makeovers (font selection, graphic alternatives), image makeovers (incorporating text with images, file sizing), navigation makeovers (improving navigation bars, menu additions), content makeovers (better Web writing, enhancing the home page message), and an extreme makeover (combining several smaller makeovers into a major site overhaul)

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Dreamweaver 8 Basics

Dreamweaver 8 Tutorials

Building Web Solutions with Microsoft ADO.NET and ASP.NET

Most Web applications follow a simple “3F” pattern: fetch, format, and forward data to the browser. With this in-depth guide, developers can take their Web design and programming skills to the next level to build more complex Web pages, applications, and services. The book demonstrates the advanced data-access capabilities of ADO.NET and the powerful page-creation capabilities of ASP.NET, plus how to employ code reusability, pagelets, code-behind, server-side controls, and other time-saving techniques.

Building Flash Web Sites For Dummies

# By: Doug Sahlin
# Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
# Pub. Date: May 08, 2006
# Print ISBN-10: 0-471-79220-9
# Print ISBN-13: 978-0-471-79220-8
# Pages in Print Edition: 316

Product Description:

You can get Flash-y with your Web site -- here's how!

Know your audience, plan your site, and make it both interactive and cool

Gone are the days when you could get by with a boring Web site. With Flash, you can add interactivity, video, an exciting and easy-to-navigate interface, and eye candy like custom cursors and flying text. This friendly guide makes Flash fun and easy, so you can have your site up and running in no time.

Discover how to
* Build an interface with custom buttons and menus
* Include animation and soundtracks
* Dress up your text
* Create tween animations
* Create ActionScript objects
* Test and publish your site

Building Web Sites All-in-One For Dummies 2nd Edition

Want to launch a Web site but don t know where to begin? Information on Web design, page building software, using HTML, site planning, and everything else you need to know can be found easily in Building Web Sites All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition. So you can easily find what you re looking for, this plain-English guide is divided into nine minibooks:
- Preparations
- Site Design
- Site Construction
- Web Graphics
- Multimedia
- Audience Interaction
- E-Commerce
- Site Management
- Case Studies
From deciding what your site should do to working with HTML, using Dreamweaver, incorporating Flash creations, and keeping your site on the cutting edge, this book is your one-stop course in building Web sites. Learn to:
- Plan your site, decide whether you need a Web team, and create relevant content
- Develop your site design, work with wire frames, and organize behind-the-scenes files that make your site work
- Select the right hardware and software and create pages with Dreamweaver
- Create cool site graphics with Photoshop and Fireworks
- Add interest with Flash animations, slideshows, video, and sound
- Make your site interactive with **********, PHP, ASP, and MySQL
- Build an e-commerce site that s user-friendly, legally sound, and secure
- Keep your content and design fresh and up to date
Ready to begin? Grab Building Web Sites
All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition and let s get started!

Mining EBay Web Services: Building Applications With The EBay API

Designed to help you master the many powerful capabilities of eBay Web Services API, Mining eBay Web Services is the most complete book on the topic. Focused exclusively on development features, it teaches you how to build practical, real-world applications with the eBay API. You’ll learn how to: define a customized search, work with web service data, write eBay applications in nine popular programming languages, write applications for mobile devices, craft applications that target user needs. If you are an eBay entrepreneur, a third-party application developer, or an eBay power user, this book will transform you into an eBay whiz and give you that competitive edge.

Drupal's Building Blocks: Quickly Building Web Sites with CCK, Views, and Panels

Drupal's Building Blocks: Quickly Building Web Sites with CCK, Views, and Panels /by Earl Miles and Lynette Miles. With Drupal, Web professionals can create full-featured Web sites with just a few clicks. Drupal’s core is compact and well documented, but much of Drupal’s immense power lies elsewhere—in external modules. Drupal’s Building Blocks is an authoritative tutorial, reference, and cookbook for Drupal’s most valuable modules.
The authors are Drupal insiders who’ve spent years creating and supporting these modules—Earl Miles, developer of the Views and Panels modules, and Lynette Miles, Drupal documentation team member. They’ve brought together indispensable information you won’t find anywhere else, as well as extensive sample "recipe” code designed for easy adaptation and reuse. Learn how to
*Use Content Construction Kit (CCK) to customize your data input forms around your needs
*Improve site flexibility with Drupal’s node system
*Add optional field types, including PHP-based fields
*Customize themes to display data more attractively and legibly
*Build powerful Views query displays
*Integrate with SQL databases
*Customize Views with relationships, arguments, and filters
*Optimize query performance
*Add custom styles with the Panels module
* Maintain full control over sites as you deploy into production

Using Joomla: Building Powerful and Efficient Web Sites

Why use Joomla? Because with Joomla you don’t need to have any technical expertise or web design experience to create effective websites and web apps. Whether you’re creating your first website or building a multi-function site for a client, this book provides straightforward, hands-on instruction that makes it easy to learn this open source web content management system.

Written by members of the Joomla Leadership Team, Using Joomla helps newcomers quickly learn the basics, while developers with Joomla experience will pick up best practices for building more sophisticated websites. You’ll also find more than a dozen ways to extend the functionality of existing Joomla-built websites. Start building with Joomla in minutes!

* Get guidelines for planning, creating, and organizing your content
* Understand how to create and use Joomla templates to build websites quickly
* Explore how components, modules, and plug-ins can extend your site’s functionality
* Increase your site ranking by using Joomla best practices
* Use built-in components such as banners, news feeds, polls, search, and web links
* Set up an online store, calendar, photo gallery, discussion forum, and more
* Learn important security precautions to safeguard your site

About the Author

Ron Severdia is a Creative Director in the San Francisco Bay Area and has directed interactive branding projects-from web sites and brand identities to interactive campaigns-for clients such as HP, Verizon, Electronic Arts, Yahoo!, Visa,, and Apple. His prior experience includes stints as a Senior Designer and then Creative Director at Young & Rubicam, DDB, Glow, and Landor Associates. Fluent in several languages, he worked for seven years in Europe, where he won several awards for successful creative work. Ron runs the interactive agency Kontent Design and has been using Joomla since 2006 to build sites for companies, large and small, including a worldwide branding site for Citibank. Ron is a member of the Joomla Leadership Team and recently redesigned the new look of and the forthcoming Joomla 1.6 interface.

Kenneth Crowder is a Senior Software Engineer at BIGSHOT, a full-service marketing and advertising agency located in Kansas City, Missouri. His primary role is to develop Joomla extensions and provide knowledge and expertise to support its clients. Prior to BIGSHOT, his experience includes places like Sprint and He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Northwest Missouri State University. Kenneth has been involved in the Joomla Community since its inception. He is a member of the Joomla Leadership Team and has volunteered countless hours to help the open source project.

Building a Web 2.0 Portal with ASP.NET 3.5

If you think you’re well versed in ASP.NET, think again. This exceptional guide gives you a master class in site building with ASP.NET 3.5 and other cutting-edge Microsoft technologies. You learn how to develop rock-solid web portal applications that can withstand millions of hits every day while surviving scalability and security pressures — not just for mass-consumer homepages, but also for dashboards that deliver powerful content aggregation for enterprises. Written by Omar AL Zabir, co-founder and CTO of Pageflakes, Building a Web 2.0 Portal with ASP.NET 3.5 demonstrates how to develop portals similar to My Yahoo!, iGoogle, and Pageflakes using ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Workflow Foundation, LINQ and .NET 3.5. Through the course of the book, AL Zabir builds an open source Ajax-enabled portal prototype (available online

at “”), and walks you though the design and architectural challenges, advanced Ajax concepts, performance optimization techniques, and server-side scalability problems involved. You learn how to: Implement a highly decoupled architecture following the popular n-tier, widget-based application model Provide drag-and-drop functionality, and use ASP.NET 3.5 to build the server-side part of the web layer Use LINQ to build the data access layer, and Windows Workflow Foundation to build the business layer as a collection of workflows Build client-side widgets using JavaScript for faster performance and better caching Get maximum performance out of the ASP.NET AJAX Framework for faster, more dynamic, and scalable sites Build a custom web service call handler to overcome shortcomings in ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 for asynchronous, transactional, cache-friendly web services Overcome JavaScript performance problems, and help the user interface load faster and be more responsive Solve scalability and security problems as your site grows from hundreds to millions of users Deploy and run a high-volume production site while solving software, hardware, hosting, and Internet infrastructure problems Building a Web 2.0 Portal with ASP.NET 3.5 also presents real-world ASP.NET challenges that the author has solved in building educational and enterprise portals, plus thirteen production disasters common to web applications serving millions of users. If you’re ready to build state-of-the art, high-volume web applications, this book has exactly what you need.

About the Author
Omar AL Zabir is the CTO and co-founder of Pageflakes, a Microsoft MVP, the author of a popular .NET blog (, and a frequent contributor to Code Project. In 2006, Page flakes out-ranked iGoogle,, Netvibes, and Protopage in a review conducted by Seattle-based

Building a Web Site For Dummies (4th Edition)

If you're just getting your feet wet in Web site construction, the first big hurdle is figuring out where to start. Building a Web Site for Dummies lightens things up with humor and makes the challenge of building a site far less daunting.

If you're just getting your feet wet in Web site construction, the first big hurdle is figuring out where to start. Building a Web Site for Dummies lightens things up with humor and makes the challenge of building a site far less daunting.
This book doesn't zoom you right into coding HTML, although it covers the markup language quite well. Instead, it offers a much higher-level look at site design by examining the general questions of navigation principles, affiliation possibilities, building communications with your users, and other wide-ranging topics. For this reason, the book covers a lot of ground and offers a broad perspective on site design that transcends simple page coding.

A couple of the more useful sections on Web site tools and e-commerce cover useful utilities, such as NetMechanic, Statbot, and Spinwave. The chapter on e-commerce helps you get to know the ropes of selling stuff online, and points you to online malls, fulfillment services, and currency converters.

The companion CD-ROM contains evaluation versions of useful tools, such as Paint Shop Pro, HomeSite 4.5, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. You won't find all of the knowledge that you seek to become a Web site guru in this book, but you will gain perspective and learn tons of useful tips and tricks. --Stephen W. Plain

Topics covered:
- Designing a Web site plan
- Web page construction 101
- Using scripts and applets
- Site navigation
- Graphics handling
- Multimedia
- Site tuning
- Using content providers
- Message boards
- E-commerce
- Affiliates programs
- Publicity

Enterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web Applications

“The core technologies of Ajax are quite straightforward; the hard part is applying them in the real world. Fortunately, the authors have been putting Ajax into practice since long before the term ‘Ajax’ was even coined. Enterprise AJAX offers excellent coverage of issues rarely explained to date, but frequently encountered by enterprise developers—including architecting of Ajax applications, and how to deal with such concerns as usability, security, and reliability.”
-DR. MICHAEL MAHEMOFF, PH.D. author of Ajax Design Patterns (

“Just when you thought you knew all you need to know about Ajax, Dave, Alexei, and Andre force open your cranium and unload a dumptruck full of Enterprise Ajax techniques, best practices, and hard-earned expert insight onto your brain. If you want to mix some serious Ajax into your serious business applications, the solid information and advice you get from this book will let you do so with confidence.”
-BRENT ASHLEY, Web Developer and Ajax Pioneer

“I can’t think of any better authors for a book on Enterprise AJAX. The book is sure to be a valuable reference for developers the world over working on the next generation of web applications.”
-MATT MCKENZIE, Software development manager, LiveCycle, Adobe Systems Inc.

“A great resource for writing quality, enterprise-level JavaScript.”
-CHRISTIAN VAN EEDEN, Senior Application Specialist, Schenker DB Logistics

Writing for enterprise developers, architects, and user interface specialists, the authors explain why AJAX offers such great promise in large-scale development. Next, they systematically introduce today’s key AJAX techniques and components.

You’ll walk through developing frameworks for building AJAX applications that combine data tables, Web forms, charts, search, and filtering: the very systems businesses depend on in CRM, ERP, BI, and beyond. Then, building on this strong foundation, the authors identify proven AJAX architectural patterns, and present case studies drawn from actual .NET and Java AJAX applications. Coverge includes

Using AJAX to implement Model-View-Controller (MVC) in the browser
Encapsulating user interface functionality to facilitate code reuse and reduce cross-browser development problems
Overcoming the unique security challenges associated with AJAX Web applications
Optimizing AJAX usability: the “back” button, caching, bookmarking, offline usage, and beyond
From security to scalability to project risk, this is the only book to cover all the issues facing AJAX developers in the enterprise. Whether you’re migrating legacy HTML interfaces or building new applications from scratch, you’ll find it absolutely indispensable.

Free Web Design Ebook - Free eBook Free Web Design Ebook - Download ebook Free Web Design Ebook free

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