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Below we have listed all the Free Computers and Technologies EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Computers and Technologies EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Taligent's Guide to Designing Programs: Taligent architectural goals and the principles that help you design software more effectively.

Date Added: 9/16/2006 | Visits: 33072

ATM: ATM is stands for Asynchronous Transfer Mode. This international technology standard is based on transferring multiple service types (such as voice, video, or data) in fixed 53-byte packets.

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 34428

Common Web Design Errors -- A Tutorial of Mistakes That Cost You Users: The web gives companies an affordable way to offer customers immediate access to information and products.

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 33390

A COMPARISON OF MICROSOFT'S C# PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE TO SUN MICROSYSTEMS' JAVA PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: What follows is an overview of similarities and differences between the language features and libraries of the C# and Java programming languages All code snippets below were tested on Microsoft's .NET Framework Beta 2 for C# snippets and Java™ 2, Standard Edition (J2SE™) version 1.4 Beta 2 for the Java snippets.

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 33170

Computer Glossary: Online Tutorial

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 33621

Is It Time to Set Your Applications Free? : Much has been written in columns and editorials about why organizations should, or should not, choose to use open source software. But let's turn the question on its head — why should (or shouldn't) an enterprise consider distributing its own software as open source?

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 31436

Win 2003 High Availability Solutions, Server Clustering : This is the first article of our new series about high availability solutions based on Windows Server 2003. Although some of the technologies we will be describing here have been available in earlier version of Windows (as inherent components, add-on programs, or third-party offerings that made their way into Microsoft's portfolio through acquisitions), their latest incarnations are superior from functionality, stability, and manageability perspectives.

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 33871

An Analysis of the TDMA and S-CDMA Technologies of DOCSIS 2.0: This paper analyzes the performance of TDMA and S-CDMA, which are the two modulation and multiple-access techniques included in the newly developed DOCSIS 2.0 specifications.

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 33664

MFC Programming: Free Online Tutorials

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 33570

Php Code Examples: Php Code Tutorials

Date Added: 9/14/2006 | Visits: 32462

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