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Below we have listed all the Free Sales EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Sales EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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SalesBURST!!: World's Fastest (entrepreneurial) Sales Training: "SalesBURST!! is an entertaining, clever, and out-of-the-box approach to selling. I recommend reading this book to anyone involved in selling today."
—Peter Handal, CEO, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

"Every salesperson wants to get up to speed as fast as they can-but not as fast as their manager wants them to. SalesBURST!! helps every salesperson shift into fifth gear without skipping first, second, third, or fourth. This makes three people happy:the manager, the salesperson, and the salesperson's banker."
—Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Little Red Book of Selling

"This is a great book that shows you how to make more sales, faster and easier than you ever thought possible."
—Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Selling

"Learn from Evans and SalesBURST!! how passion, determination, and an intelligence-based Sales effort can make you successful."
—John Calamos, CEO, Calamos Investments

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From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call: Close More by Doing What You Do Best: When things don’t go well on a sales call, you probably ask yourself, “Why did I lose that sale?” . . . and then move on.

But the question remains: Why did you lose that sale? Learning the answer can mean the difference between landing and losing the next sale. From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call teaches you how to assess your strengths and weaknesses based on information you can get from the most qualified source available—the buyer. You’ll learn how to:

* Approach postdecision prospects using best practices and proper etiquette
* Design a comprehensive “debrief” questionnaire
* Obtain more candid and accurate feedback from prospects
* Identify important patterns in your techniques
* Use what works and improve what doesn’t to close more sales than ever

Filled with sample dialogs you can use with prospects, From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call is neatly organized into eight easy-to-follow steps that take you through the whole process:

Step 1. Discover the Benefits of Successfully Debriefing with Prospects
Step 2. Understand the Postdecision Mind-Set of the Prospect
Step 3. Recognize How Salespeople Can Inhibit the Feedback Process
Step 4. Design a Prospect Debrief Questionnaire
Step 5. Utilize Proven Interviewing Techniques for Conducting Debrief Calls
Step 6. Identify and Analyze Your Win/Loss Trends
Step 7. Benchmark Your Feedback
Step 8. Implement the Right Techniques to Increase Your Close Rate

Refreshingly direct and right to the point, this system is based on 12 years of research and thousands of sales prospect interviews. This comprehensive, powerful program leads to better sales techniques and increased close rates. In short, it works.

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Perfect Phrases for Sales Presentations: THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR THE RIGHT SITUATION??"EVERY TIMEWhen it comes to sales presentations, every word counts??"but who has the time to craft perfect presentations all the time?

You do??"when you have Perfect Phrases for Sales Presentations. This go-to guide is exactly what you need to streamline this critical process. With hundreds of ready-to-use, time-saving phrases for delivering a winning sales presentation, this concise guide provides the ideal language for:

* Making a great fi rst impression
* Finding and cultivating prospective clients
* Grabbing and holding your customer??Ts attention
* Establishing your product??Ts value
* Getting commitment??"and closing the deal

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The Instant Sales Pro: More than 600 Tips and Techniques to Accelerate Your Sales Success: For the sales professional with more energy than experience and more ambition than knowledge, the fast lane to success can be riddled with potholes. But the last thing these go-getters want to do is get bogged down with some huge book of sales techniques.

The Instant Sales Pro offers instead a quick yet comprehensive guide to the basics of successful selling: prospecting, getting on the customer ¡s wavelength, dealing with objections, negotiation, closing the sale, and more. Readers will learn every step of the sales process, starting with sales letters and cold calls, as well as how to sell to different personalities, use technology, troubleshoot problems, and plan and manage a territory.

The Instant Sales Pro is designed for easy access, with all the information presented in short chapters and bullet points. There is no complicated theory, no magic formula. There are just hundreds of great tips for turning any sales rep into a sales professional instantly.

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Jeffrey Gitomer – Sales Bible: Jeffrey Gitomer’s best-selling work, in which he shares his tips on how to be a successful salesperson, has a new edition and is now available on audio. He provides motivational advice and practical techniques for initiating, maintaining, and closing a sales presentation.

Written in a breezy manner with short, easy-to-remember suggestions, this audio will be popular with persons just getting started in this field or those needing an inspirational pep talk. In an area where there are literally dozens of works already available, The Sales Bible will prove helpful to anyone who listens to it.

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Yanik Silver - Advanced Instant Sales Letters: This is a special report (not included with Instant Sales Letters uploaded on the site already) called:
Advanced Instant Sales Letters: How to Use Grabbers and Lumpy Mail To Skyrocket Your Response

This is SO Dan Kennedy style. He's even using Mitch Carson's Lumpy Mail devices as examples. The templates to use with the lumpy mail in this report are AWESOME. This is a really awesome mini swipe file book for when you use Grabber/Lumpy mail. Very good stuff.

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Robert Boduch - Winning Website Sales Letters: Introduction 8
Why Write Your Own Sales Letters? 11
21 Valuable Insights You’ll Acquire By Reading This Book 12

Phase I

1. Keys To Successful Online Sales Letters 14
Understanding The Culture Of The Internet 14
Building An Online Business Is About Building Relationships 15
Understanding The Online Audience 16
Target Your Approach 17
Direct Marketing With A Twist 17
Credibility Is Everything 19
Strategy Is More Important Than Creativity 20
Think The Way Your Market Thinks -- 20
Provide Value For Your Prospect’s Time -- 21
Make An Instant Connection With Your Target Audience -- 21
Consistently Deliver The Information Your Audience Wants -- 22
Keep Your Purpose In Mind As You Write -- 23
Always Stay One Step Ahead -- 23

2. Why People Buy… And How To Get More Of Them To Buy From You 25
The Controlling Force That Directs Your Prospect’s Actions -- 25
103 Specific Pain/Pleasure Reasons Why Anyone Would Be Interested In Buying Your Product -- 27
People Buy When Offered A ‘Magic’ Solution -- 31
People Buy When You Hit Their Hot Buttons -- 32
People Buy On Emotion -- 34
People Buy When The Shopping Experience Gives Them An Emotional High -- 35
People Justify Buying With Logical Reasoning -- 36
People Buy Unique Advantages And Special Benefits -- 37
People Buy When They’re Offered Great Value -- 38
People Buy From Credible Sources They Can Trust -- 42
People Buy When Fear Is No Longer A Factor -- 42
People Buy When The Message Resonates -- 44
People Buy Solutions To A Pressing Problem -- 45
People Buy When It’s Easy To Obtain The Benefits They Want -- 45
People Buy Because You Deliver Instant Gratification -- 46
People Buy Better Alternatives -- 47
People Buy Convenience -- 47
People Buy When Presented With The Right Solution At The Right Time -- 48
People Buy Results, Not Products -- 48
People Buy Due To The Special Incentives Offered -- 49

3. Why People Don’t Buy 51
People Don’t Buy Exaggerated Claims -- 51
People Don’t Buy From Amateur Marketers -- 52
People Don’t Buy From Over-Designed Sites -- 52
People Don’t Buy From Clever, Catchy, Or Humorous Ad Copy -- 53
People Don’t Buy When They’re Uncertain -- 53
People Don’t Buy If The Product Isn’t A Good Fit -- 54
People Don’t Buy If They Feel They’re Being Pushed -- 54
People Don’t Buy What They Need – They Buy What They Want -- 55
People Don’t Buy When There’s No Clear Cut Advantage -- 55
People Don’t Buy From You Again If They Weren’t Satisfied The First Time Around -- 55

4. Emotions Are Key 57
Why Emotional Copy Sells More Products -- 57
The Number One Key To Writing With Emotion -- 58
How To Be Sure You’re Addressing The Right Emotion -- 58
How To Write Emotional Copy -- 59
Qualities Of Emotionally Charged Copy -- 60
Other Ways To Inject Emotion -- 62
Key Points To Remember About Writing With Emotion -- 64

5. The Sales Letter Plan 65
The Purpose Of A Plan -- 65
Identify Your Goals and Objectives -- 66
Define Your Market -- 67
Identify Your Competitor’s Strengths and Weaknesses -- 68
Get To Know Your Product Inside-Out -- 69
Determine Your Strongest, Most Unique Selling Advantages -- 71
Create An Irresistible Offer -- 73
Add A Strong Guarantee -- 74
Build A Case In Favor Of Your Product -- 74
Outline The Order Process -- 75
The Ultimate Sales Letter Plan Worksheets -- 77

6. Sales Letter Formulas 87
Why Use A Formula? -- 87
The A.I.D.A. Formula For Writing Effective Ads -- 87
Alternate Sales Letter Formulas By Noted Copywriters -- 89
The Two Most Important Steps Of Any Formula -- 91
Additional Elements Of Power and Persuasion -- 92

Phase II

7. Start Your Sales Letter With A Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headline 94
The Purpose Of The Headline -- 95
Why Headlines Are So Important Online -- 96
The Role Benefits Play In Headlines -- 97
How To Get Started Writing A Great Headline -- 98
The Most Effective Headline Formats For Web Site Sales Letters -- 99
How To Create A Winning Headline In Just Minutes -- 101
Powerful Headline Words and Phrases -- 102
How To Make A Good Headline Even Stronger -- 108
How To Write An Emotional Headline -- 108
What Kind Of Things Do Successful Headlines Offer? -- 109
Where Else Do These Headline Ideas Apply? -- 111
Key Points To Keep In Mind When Creating Web Site Sales Letter Headlines -- 111
Simple Enhancements To Make Your Headline Impossible To Miss -- 112
How To Be Sure Your Headline Is Effective -- 112
How Long Should A Sales Letter Headline Be? -- 116

8. How To Create A Riveting Opening That Intrigues, Invites, and Compels Prospects To Read On 117
What Makes The Opening So Important? -- 117
Why Are Openings So Difficult To Write? -- 118
The Best Way To Get Started -- 119
Do Salutations Help? -- 120
Tried and True Techniques For Creating Riveting Openings -- 121
How Opening Paragraphs Encourage Further Reading -- 122
How The Headline and Opening Work Together -- 123
How Long Should The Opening Be? -- 124
The 3 Crucial Tasks Successful Openings Complete -- 124
The Quickest Way To Create A Magnetic Opening -- 125
Where Most Openings Go Wrong -- 125
Examples Of Effective Opening Lines -- 126

9. Successful Sales Copy Is All About Buyer Benefits 131
What Exactly Are Benefits Anyway? -- 131
What About Features? -- 131
Which Benefits Should Be Included? -- 133
The Easiest Way To Turn Features Into Benefits -- 133
Why Benefits Are So Important -- 134
How To Reveal Your Product’s Benefits For Maximum Impact -- 135
In What Order Should Benefits Be Presented? -- 136
Should The Benefits Of Bonus Material Be Unveiled Too? -- 137
How To Make Writing Body Copy Easier -- 137
How To Uncover Features That Can Be Converted Into Benefits -- 140
Is It Ever Acceptable To Stretch The Truth? -- 140
Using Bullet Points To Present Your Benefits -- 142
Keys To Successful Bullets -- 144
How To Write Provocative, Interest-Arousing Bullets -- 144
More Examples Of Effective Bullet Copy -- 145
Where To Find Rich Sources Of Bullet Point Material -- 148
Great Lead-Ins For Powerful Bullets -- 148

10. Build Your Case With Solid Proof 151
Why Proof Is Such An Important Element -- 151
How Other People’s Experience Helps Influence New Customers -- 152
Additional Ways To Build Credibility -- 152
How Perception Affects Your Results -- 153
Other Factors That Come Into Play -- 154
The Kind Of Proof That Matters Most To Prospects -- 155
How Your Reputation Serves You Online -- 155
What Makes Some Testimonials Better Than Others -- 156
Where To Best Place Your Customer Testimonials -- 157
How To Overcome The Fears That Concern Prospects -- 158
Why Testimonials Are Such Valuable Marketing Tools -- 160
Premium Quality Testimonials -- 161
Other Methods For Building Credibility -- 161

11. Creating Irresistible Offers 163
‘Offers’ Defined -- 163
The Kinds Of Items To Include In Your Offers -- 163
Why A Summarized Offer Is So Important -- 164
Key Points To Remember When Compiling An Offer -- 164
Knowing Your Market Is Crucial -- 165
What Makes An Offer Totally Irresistible? -- 166
How To Convert Your Offer Into Direct Sales -- 166
How To Improve A Good Offer To Make It A Great Offer -- 167
What Is It About Offers That Make Them So Important? -- 168
Background Information For Building A Stronger Offer -- 169
What About ‘Free’ Offers? -- 170
Additional Factors To Keep In Mind -- 170
Why Bother With An Offer Anyway? -- 172
What Incentives Should Your Offer Include? -- 173
How To Take A Basic Product And Create An Irresistible Offer -- 173

12. How To Craft A Powerful Guarantee 177
Why Having A Guarantee Is Important -- 177
What A Strong Guarantee Tells Prospects About You -- 178
Is A ‘Standard’ Guarantee Okay… Or Do You Need More? -- 178
The Most Appealing Types Of Guarantees -- 179
How To Draw Attention To Your Guarantee -- 181
Make An Impact With An Elaborate Promise -- 182
How To Make Your Guarantee Seem Like An Ironclad Promise – Without Sounding Like A Legal Document -- 183

13. Closing The Sale 187
How To Go For The Sale Every Time -- 187
How To Win New Customers Without Being Pushy -- 189
What Action Do You Want Prospects To Take? -- 189
What Else Can Be Done To Convert Prospects Into Customers? -- 190
How To Reassure Cautious Prospects -- 191
The Best Methods To Sustain Interest Through To The Order Form -- 191
Additional Closing Techniques -- 192
How To Avoid Losing The Sale -- 193
Tips For Creating A Stronger, More Influential Close -- 194

14. Add A Powerful P.S. 196
Why The P.S. Is Such An Important Component -- 196
How Prospects Typically Read A Sales Letter -- 196
What’s Wrong With Most P.S.’s? -- 197
How To Utilize A Postscript For Maximum Effectiveness -- 197
How To Make It Even Better -- 198
Key Ingredients Of Successful P.S.’s -- 199
How To Ensure Your P.S. Pulls Prospects In -- 200
What About Content? -- 200
Examples of Effective P.S.’s -- 201
What About Multiple P.S.’s – Do They Actually Work? -- 203
Examples of Multiple P.S.’s -- 203
Information You Shouldn’t Include In Your P.S. -- 205
Key Points To Keep In Mind -- 205
How Long Should The P.S. Be? -- 206
How Prospects View P.S.’s -- 206

15. Creating An Order Form The Finalizes The Sale 208
Making The Transition From Sales Letter To Order Form -- 208
The Lead Component -- 209
Is An Order Form Headline A Necessity? -- 209
What’s The Best Way To Launch Order Form Copy? -- 210
How To Improve The Responsiveness Of Your Order Form -- 212
Elements Worth Repeating -- 213
How To Make Your Order Form More Universally Acceptable and User-Friendly -- 214
What Variable Options Should Be Included On The Order Form? -- 214
How The Order Form Can Reassure Anxious Customers -- 215
Where Some Order Forms Go Wrong -- 216
Problems With Secure Options and Third Party Providers and How To Overcome Them Quickly,Easily, And At Zero Cost -- 217

Phase III

16. Review, Revise, and Edit To Make Your Copy More Effective 218
Easy Ways To Spot Errors -- 218
How To Minimize Editing Time -- 219
Other Things To Look Out For At The Editing Stage -- 220
Simple Ideas For Improving Readability and Flow -- 224
Specific Ways To Emphasize Key Points -- 225
How To Make Reading Your Sales Letter A Less Daunting Task -- 226
How To Strengthen Your Bullet Points -- 227
Remember Your Purpose While Editing -- 227

17. Design Enhancements 229
Sales Letter Design 101 -- 229
The First Thought You Want Running Through Your Prospect’s Mind -- 230
Why It’s So Important To Avoid Fancy Designs Altogether -- 230
How To Make A Basic Sales Letter More Visually Appealing -- 231
What Else Should You Keep In Mind When Organizing Your Web Site? -- 232
Simple Techniques To Aid Readability -- 233
Which Areas Should Definitely Be Emphasized? -- 234
What About Graphics? -- 235
What About Text? -- 236
Fine Tuning Your Design and Layout -- 238
How To Target Different Groups With Your Sales Letter -- 239
Testing Is A Major Key To Success -- 240

18. Common Mistakes 241
Lack Of Preparation -- 241
Presenting A Confusing Message -- 242
Wasting Your Visitor’s Time -- 242
Lacking Credible Proof -- 243
Not Being Clear About What It Is You’re Offering -- 243
Uninspiring Copy That Focuses On The Product -- 244
A Short Message That Doesn’t Do An Adequate Selling Job -- 245
Failing To Pull Prospects In From The Start -- 245
A Weak Close -- 246
A Site That Doesn’t Facilitate Easy Buying -- 246
A Sales Letter Or Web Site That Doesn’t Effectively Calm Prospect Fears -- 247
A Lack Of Uniqueness -- 248

Conclusion 249

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Dartnells greatest sales letters of all time: A great collection of classic direct mail letters, along with some explanation as to why they did well.

Recommended by just about every copywriter out there

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Marlon Sanders - How To Craft Killer Sales Copy: Introduction to secrets of web copy revealed
The 12 step formula - part one
The 12 step formula - part two
Questions and answers
The instant website analyzer
You're only 2 hours away
How to format your web copy
Sample marketing document 1
Sample marketing document 2
The troubleshooter
Sample ezine
22 more secrets
Use this form to grab leads
How to win awards
Your virtual office
Action steps

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10 Steps to Sales Success: The Proven System That Can Shorten the Selling Cycle, Double Your Close Ratio: Selling is a complex process. In order to succeed, sales professionals need to have not only a healthy self-esteem, but also a precise, proven system to get them confidently through each sales call. In Ten Steps to Sales Success, sales expert Tim Breithaupt both teaches and inspires -- providing a treasure-trove of practical tools and techniques designed to cover the entire selling process from A to Z. The book presents a complete methodology based on the author's "Ten-Step Model of Sequential Selling," comprising:

* Attitudes of Success * Time Management * Prospecting * Building Rapport and Trust * Probing and Listening * Value-Added Solutions * Closing * Creative Negotiation * Action Plans * and Follow-Up.

Perfect for both sales novices and veterans, the book includes humorous illustrations to support key points, and provides numerous "how-to" examples. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to move beyond sales survival to sales excellence.

Date Added: 3/1/2011 11:53:00 PM | Visits: 33452

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