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Free Self Defense EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Self Defense EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Self Defense EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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The Love for Manufactured Things: Quoted straight from the author…

“That’s a poem’s book but it is not a sweet or romantical collection of nice poems, it’s about real problems of current people. For example one poem called ‘Without noise’ is based on a interview I saw on tv made to an USA soldier in Irak, ‘Colors’ is about religion and crime, ‘Reproaches’ deals with couples’ lack of understanding and so on. I know poetry is not a very interesting thing for readers but anyway I should try.”
- by Xavier Molina

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Secrets to Successful Job Hunting in A Sluggish Economy: With more than 25 years experience in Resume Writing and Job Coaching, Kay LaRocca is a consummate professional at the top of her craft. Ms. LaRocca has the ability to relate to jobseekers at all levels, in all professions. Her unerring intuition in reading between the lines allows her to quickly discover her clients’ needs even when they are not able to fully articulate them.

Realizing her enormous success with jobseekers from all professions, and the troubled economy of late, she saw a need to help jobseekers begin and conduct a successful job search campaign in uncertain times. ”Secrets to Successful Job Hunting in a Sluggish Economy” has proven job search techniques that have assisted thousands in achieving success in a slow moving job market.

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The Choice: The dilemma of having to choose between two different roads of life brings with it the fear of making the wrong decision. Ideally, Mark is able to avoid “the choice” because at the fork in the road, he has the chance to face both. The two pathways that the young Mark begins to explore are relived with the experiences, both sad and successful, of his past. Experiences that, in the end, lead to the awareness that “the choice” is never final and the people we encounter along any of life’s roads are worth meeting.

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The Edinburgh Lectures On Mental Science: This book contains the substance of a course of lectures recently given by Thomas Troward in the Queen Street Hall, Edinburgh. Its purpose is to indicate the ‘Natural Principles’ governing the relation between “Mental Action” and “Material Conditions,” and thus to afford the student an intelligible starting-point for the practical study of the subject “Law of Attraction” and “Mind Power.”

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Help for Anxiety, Phobias, OCD and Depression: Offers a unique insight into anxiety-related problems and how to deal with them. With information on anxiety and panic, symptoms of both anxiety and anxiety disorders and the way to overcome these problems, it can help anyone looking to understand more about anxiety problems and the hold they have over us.

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Human Resources Management & Leadership: This is an entry-level Human Resources Management course from ATG Educational created with the purpose of offering an insight into the work of Human Resources professionals in most of today’s organizations. The course will take the reader all the way from a general perspective on Human Resources Management to specific concepts as performance management and staff development while ensuring that every aspect is presented in a friendly language, with all specific terms clearly explained in order for the reader to understand the concepts regardless of the level of previous HR experience. All concepts are illustrated and packed with practical advice so even an experienced HR professional could find useful information.

The course was developed by a team of specialists from ATG Educational – London Office who – by the use of inter-disciplinary co-operation – managed to deliver not only a professionally rich content but also an interesting and easy to understand text.

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Success In The Arts: What it Takes to Make It in Creative Fields: For All Aspiring Artists: Writers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Visual Artists, Dancers, Actors. Learn to answer these essential questions:
. What factors contribute most to success in the arts?
. Do you have enough talent?
. What do you need besides talent?
. What are the myths about creativity?
. What is real creativity and how do you cultivate it?
. How do you get through tough times?
. How do you deal with criticism?
. How do you “get the breaks” in your field?
. What foundation principles don’t change?
. How do you hang on to the important things in life?
. How do you keep from “selling your soul?”
. What if you don’t make it?
. Save years of trial and error
. Avoid the common pitfalls of creative careers
. A mentor in a book

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Self Improvement Free Ebooks: from Singapore is offering 12 free downloadable ebooks on the topic of self improvement. Each of the ebook covers are nicely arranged on the page for easy download. To download just click on each of the cover image.

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Free Ebooks from F+W: The guys at F+W couldn’t have said it better themselves, so I’ll let them explain what they’re trying to do and their objectives in their own words …

In an effort to further build its online communities, F+W Media announced today it will offer free book downloads to new e-newsletter subscribers. The content will be from leading F+W communities, including Writing, Genealogy, and Woodworking.

According to Tim Langlitz, Director of Online Marketing, “Enthusiasts look to F+W Media brands for inspiration and guidance. Unfortunately, many consumers have to choose between their hobbies and paying the bills. By offering free book downloads to anyone who joins our email newsletter lists, we wish to help new consumers find the joy and peace of spending time on the things they enjoy. In addition to the free book, newsletter readers receive regular free tips, guidance and inspiration to help them enjoy the simple pleasures of their hobby. Our goal is to offer hope and inspiration to our readers, regardless of their bank balance.”

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Engaging the Whole Child: Reflections on Best Practices in Learning, Teaching, and Leadership:

Free Industry Resources
P & T:
Is a monthly Journal for Pharmacy and Therapeutics decision makers....
Pest Management Professional:
Provides the cutting-edge business solutions and industry-leading technical coverage pest management professionals need to...

Free Industry Resources

CIO Digest: Is Symantec's quarterly magazine containing strategies and analysis for...

GPS World: Is the PREMIER global media brand serving the exploding world of positioning...
The Essentials of Personal Growth

The Essentials of Personal Growth

The Essentials of Personal Growth
by Andrew Olson

The Essentials of Personal Growth is a free, 25-page e- book course on creating the life you desire. This resource will uncover the most fundamental principles of personal growth; from goal setting, to visualizing, to taking action. The Essentials of Personal Growth will teach you the principles of achieving lasting, positive change in your life.

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
The Essentials of Personal Growth – 25 pages, 305kb (PDF)

July 2nd, 2009 | Comments (4)
Ending the Epidemic of Child Abuse

Ending the Epidemic of Child Abuse

Ending the Epidemic of Child Abuse
by Robert Anthony

Designed to change anyone’s life; you cannot read this book and walk away unchanged. “Ending the Epidemic of Child Abuse” is an all encompassing guide for survivors and non-survivors to help you learn to thrive, not just survive. Anyone can read this book to learn how to help survivors of child abuse across the globe, and it all starts by changing one life at a time. This book covers all the information required to become totally psychologically healthy. In this book I start by explaining the critical first steps needed for healing, and I end up explaining how to use all the tools I mention in a way to end the suffering that is due to child abuse. This book is timeless, the information will be just as valuable, and applicable 20 years from now as it is today. And everyone can benefit from the knowledge it contains.

Sorry, this ebook is no longer free.

July 2nd, 2009 | Comments (3)
An Astonishing Discovery: The Seasons Of Our Lives

An Astonishing Discovery The Seasons Of Our Lives

An Astonishing Discovery: The Seasons Of Our Lives
by George Pan Kouloukis

The moment you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be able to know whether the years just ahead are good or bad for you, and how long this season will last. You’ll be able thus to act accordingly: if there is a storm on the horizon, you’ll take shelter in time; if sunny days loom ahead, you’ll take advantage before the opportunity passes.

This ability derives from the fact that the seasons of our lives alternate from good to bad ones –and vice versa– according to a certain pattern which I explain in the book, based on the way the good and bad seasons have alternated in the lives of lots of famous men and women, whose the biographies I cite in the book. From that pattern derives, of course, that we, too, can foresee how our own good and bad seasons will alternate in the future. This knowledge radically transforms the way we all live today, and helps us to live a much better life.

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
An Astonishing Discovery: The Seasons Of Our Lives – 199 pages, 1.4Mb (PDF)

June 29th, 2009 | Comments (0)
19 Free Self Improvement Ebooks

19 Free Self Improvement Ebooks

The following ebooks consist of various types of approaches, including tips, short stories, novels and other popular forms of story / info telling methods. Enjoy.

1. Universally Preferable behaviour – A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics
2. The Digital World Foundation Working for An Inclusive Knowledge Society
3. Unlearning Incomplete Musings on The Game of Life and The Illusions That Keep Us Playing
4. The Seven Challenges Workbook: A guide to Cooperative Communication Skills for Success at Home and at Work
5. Consider These
6. Six Steps to Self Improvement
7. 101 Steps to Success
8. Success Magnetism
9. The Art of Self Encouragement
10. Self Help Power
11. Self Knowledge and Self Realization
12. Motivation for the Motivated
13. First Slack
14. A Metamorphosis of Self
15. The Nested Self
16. My Thoughts My Work
17. Soul Soldier
18. Top 10 Tips for Self Improvement
19. Self-Improvement by John Todd

June 24th, 2009 | Comments (0)
Top 100 Free eBooks for Business Students and Entrepreneurs

Top 100 Free eBooks for Business Students and Entrepreneurs

It’s pretty self explanatory, so I won’t be going into details on these ebooks, but to list down all the major categories within this great list of ebooks. It ranges from:-

1. Basic Business
2. Management
3. E-commerce and Internet Marketing
4. Finance
5. Human Resources
6. Marketing and Advertising
7. International Business
8. Business Law and Ethics
9. Economics
10. Jobs and Career
11. Entrepreneurship
12. Niche Business Ebooks
13. Miscellaneous

Click on the link below to start kick your business world up a notch:-
Top 100 Free eBooks for Business Students and Entrepreneurs (Various Formats)

by Carol Ann Tomlinson, Richard Sagor, Nel Noddings, Thomas R. Guskey, and Allison Zmuda.

Do students really want to learn? Can schools and classrooms become joyful? Are there natural links between standard curriculum and what motivates students to learn? Explore these and other questions in this e-book collection of articles from Educational Leadership.

Date Added: 10/27/2010 11:25:31 PM | Visits: 25606

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