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Free Perl and CGI EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Perl and CGI EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Perl and CGI EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Automating Windows with Perl: Perl is the perfect language for achieving Automation in Windows because it combines a painless Visual Basic style of coding with Perl’s strength as a scripting language for process communications. The new multitasking and networking approaches with 32-bit Windows require a radical departure from previous programming techniques. This book, dedicated to the use of Perl as a language to automate 32-bit Windows, shows how to control many Win32 systems processes without immediate user interaction.

Date Added: 7/20/2011 11:01:08 PM | Visits: 23904

OReilly Building Tag Clouds in Perl and PHP: Using this book you can easily gather informations about Perl

Date Added: 10/14/2010 5:42:47 AM | Visits: 24082

Perl To Python Migration: Using this book you can easily gather informations about Perl

Date Added: 10/14/2010 5:42:26 AM | Visits: 24132

perl and xml: Using this book you can easily gather informations about Perl

Date Added: 10/14/2010 5:07:11 AM | Visits: 24368

Perl For Oracle DBAs: Using this book you can easily gather informations about Perl

Date Added: 10/14/2010 5:06:45 AM | Visits: 23089

Practical mod_perl Programming: When the World Wide Web was born, there was only one web server and one web client. The httpd web server was developed by the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche Nucléaires (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. httpd has since become the generic name of the binary executable of many web servers. When CERN stopped funding the development of httpd, it was taken over by the Software Development Group of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). The NCSA also produced Mosaic, the first web browser, whose developers later went on to write the Netscape client.

Date Added: 7/8/2008 | Visits: 25188

Perl Tutorial - An Introduction to Perl: Perl is a 'Practical Extraction and Report Language' freely available for Unix, MVS, VMS, MS/DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, Amiga, and other operating systems. Perl has powerful text-manipulation functions. It eclectically combines features and purposes of many command languages. Perl has enjoyed recent popularity for programming World Wide Web electronic forms and generally as glue and gateway between systems, databases, and users.

Date Added: 7/8/2008 | Visits: 24879

Picking Up Perl (2nd Edition): This book has been created for a number of reasons. The primary reason is to provide a freely redistributable tutorial for the Perl language. In writing this freely redistributable tutorial, it is our hope that the largest number of people can have access to it and share it.

Date Added: 7/8/2008 | Visits: 24379

Perl 5 Unleashed: Perl is an interpreted language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from these files, and printing reports based on that information. It is also a good language for many system management tasks. The language is intended to be practical-easy to use, efficient, and complete-rather than beautiful-tiny, elegant, and minimal. Perl was written by Larry Wall (, with the help of lots of other contributors.

Date Added: 7/7/2008 | Visits: 25176

Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 Days, Second Edition: This book is designed to teach you the Perl programming language in just 21 days. When you finish reading this book, you will have learned why Perl is growing rapidly in popularity: It is powerful enough to perform many useful, sophisticated programming tasks, yet it is easy to learn and use.

Date Added: 7/7/2008 | Visits: 24773

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