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Free Perl and CGI EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Perl and CGI EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Perl and CGI EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Teach Yourself CGI Programming with PERL: CGI programming involves designing and writing programs that receive their starting commands from a Web page-usually, a Web page that uses an HTML form to initiate the CGI program. The HTML form has become the method of choice for sending data across the Net because of the ease of setting up a user interface using the HTML Form and Input tags.

Date Added: 7/7/2008 | Visits: 26200

CGI Programming on the World Wide Web: The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) emerged as the first way to present dynamically generated information on the World Wide Web. CGI allows the computer to generate Web pages instantly at the user's request rather than being written by someone in advance. And at the time of this writing, it remains the only stable and well-understood method for creating such pages. Java presents problems that have not yet been solved. Other products are currently just in the announcement stage.

Date Added: 7/6/2008 | Visits: 27212

Beginning Perl: Beginning Perl for learner.

Date Added: 7/6/2008 | Visits: 24569

CGI and Perl Resources: CGI and Perl CGI ('Common Gateway Interface') is a web-server technology supported by most web hosts, that allows (for example), scripts to be implemented on your web-server.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 25740

The Perl Directory : # Perl is a stable, cross platform programming language. # It is used for mission critical projects in the public and private sectors. # Perl is Open Source software, licensed under its Artistic License, or the GNU General Public License (GPL). # Perl was created by Larry Wall. # Perl 1.0 was released to usenet's alt.comp.sources in 1987 # PC Magazine named Perl a finalist for its 1998 Technical Excellence Award in the Development Tool category. # Perl is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 24926

Perl CGI Programming, Installation, Debugging: Obviously if you are going to run Perl scripts on your computer you will need to install Perl. You can obtain a Windows version of Perl free of charge from ActiveState.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 25732

CGI Security: CGI is the first and remains one of the most widely-used means of extending Web servers by interfacing external applications, offering various advantages. However, the power of CGI comes with a price. CGI interfaces can completely compromise a Web server's security, and thus of the host on which it is running. All benefits of a CGI script are neutralized if it is insecure. It is impossible to anticipate (and defend) against all security holes. But by following a few guidelines, you can avoid known security holes and unsafe practices.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 25343

An Introduction to writing CGI's in Perl: Kyla Computing has now a 3 day Perl CGI training course. It has been designed for anybody who is wants to be move involved in server side web development. Perl is the normal language for creating page counters, guest books and processing web site forms and as such, is the interface betwen your site and your applications.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 25116

CGI::Application: A Simple, Extensible Web Framework: CGI::Application aims to provide a framework for re-usable code that is based on the run mode concept, but in a way that avoids a lot of spaghetti code. Because it's Object Oriented (OO), it can easily be extended and enhanced, and later we'll be looking at some plugins that will make your job a whole lot easier. But if you're not an OO expert, have no fear: you aren't required to make heavy use of OO techniques if you don't want to.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 25357

Perl/Tk FAQ: This compilation of Frequently Asked Questions & answers (FAQ) is intended to answer several of the first (and largely more basic) questions posted to the newsgroup and the ptk mailing list.

Date Added: 9/15/2006 | Visits: 23760

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