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Free Unix & Linux EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Unix & Linux EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Unix & Linux EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Absolute OpenBSD: UNIX for the Practical Paranoid: ABSOLUTE OPENBSD is written for experienced UNIX users who want to add OpenBSD to their repertoire. It assumes a reasonable knowledge of basic UNIX commands, design, and permissions. It's a straightforward, practical, and complete guide to mastering this powerful and complex operating system. The book takes readers through the intricacies of the platform, teaching them how to manage the system with friendly explanations, background information, troubleshooting suggestions, and copious examples.

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TCP/IP Illustrated - TCP for Transactions HTTP NNTP and the UNIX Domain Protocols: UNIX Network Programming (Volume 1)
Unix - The Textbook
Unix (Third Edition)
Practical Unix and Internet Security
Mac OS X for Unix Geeks

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VTC - Unix Shell Scripting Advanced: Virtual Training Company’s Unix Shell Scripting Advanced course is recommended for the more advanced user who has a working knowledge of basic UNIX Shell operation. This course describes how to create programs using the syntax and features of the UNIX Shell, focusing on the most popular—the Bourne Shell.

In this eight hour tutorial, author Mark Virtue will demonstrate techniques that will be compatible with all brands of UNIX, including LINUX. If you need a thorough understanding Unix Shell Scripting, start learning now by clicking on one of the movie links below.

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Windows NT & UNIX Integration Guide: Publisher: Osborne Publishing | ISBN: 0078823951 | edition 1997 | PDF | 480 pages | 16,5 mb
NT and UNIX integration with the hassles At last: easy-to-follow help with implementing NT and UNIX networks together. The groundbraking Windows NT & UNIX Integration Guide, by David Gunter, Steven Burnett, and Lola Gunter, shows you step-by-step how to create, manage and authenticate user accounts on multiple platforms... provide NT file services on UNIX and UNIX file services on NT (including installating, configuring and troubleshooting SAMBA and NFS)... master backup strategies and tools such as Legato Networker, Software Partners' StorageCenter and Spectrologic's Alexandria DB backup... works with MS Exchange... integrate mail when either NT or UNIX acts as primary server... network NT and UNIX and share printers... set up remotle access service... tie together Internet servers and platforms... handle cross-platform desktop applications... manage distributed systems... and much more.

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Palgrave: Introducing UNIX and Linux: A tutorial style text covering the basics of UNIX and Linux for the complete beginner, this is a comprehensive introduction to these operating systems.

It assumes no prior knowledge of programming nor any experience of using computers. UNIX and Linux are two of the most commonly used operating systems within the educational and corporate worlds and are growing in popularity.

This book covers all the basic constructs and commands of UNIX and follows the 1993 POSIX.2 International Standard.

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UNIX Network Programming (Volume 1): Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI By W. Richard Stevens: Thorough and authoritative, this book contains comprehensive coverage of the sockets API, the defacto standard for network programming. Once the basics are covered, the author moves on to advanced sockets topics, including IPv4 and IPv6 interoperability, UNIX domain protocols, nonblocking I/O, broadcasting, multicasting, threads and routing sockets. Client/server design alternatives are also fully examined.

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Unix: The Textbook By Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Robert Koretsky, Syed Aqeel Sarwar: Guidebook for UNIX use, teaching the how and why of working in the UNIX environment. Text assumes no prior UNIX experience, carefully blending concepts like inter-process communication and I/O redirection to enhance the understanding of both. Includes carefully designed chapter exercises for timely practice of new concepts and commands.

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BSD UNIX Toolbox: Learn how to use BSD UNIX systems from the command line with BSD UNIX Toolbox: 1000 Commands for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. Learn to use BSD operation systems the way the experts do, by trying more than 1,000 commands to find and obtain software, monitor system health and security, and access network resources. Apply your newly developed skills to use and administer servers and desktops running FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, or any other BSD variety. Become more proficient at creating file systems, troubleshooting networks, and locking down security.

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Special Ops: Host and Network Security for Microsoft, UNIX, and Oracle: Special Ops: Internal Network Security Guide is the solution for the impossible 24-hour IT work day. By now, most companies have hardened their perimeters and locked out the "bad guys," but what has been done on the inside? This book attacks the problem of the soft, chewy center in internal networks. We use a two-pronged approach-Tactical and Strategic-to give readers a complete guide to internal penetration testing. Content includes the newest vulnerabilities and exploits, assessment methodologies, host review guides, secure baselines and case studies to bring it all together. We have scoured the Internet and assembled some of the best to function as Technical Specialists and Strategic Specialists. This creates a diversified project removing restrictive corporate boundaries. The unique style of this book will allow it to cover an incredibly broad range of topics in unparalleled detail. Chapters within the book will be written using the same concepts behind software development. Chapters will be treated like functions within programming code, allowing the authors to call on each other's data. These functions will supplement the methodology when specific technologies are examined thus reducing the common redundancies found in other security books.

This book is designed to be the "one-stop shop" for security engineers who want all their information in one place. The technical nature of this may be too much for middle management; however technical managers can use the book to help them understand the challenges faced by the engineers who support their businesses.

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Unix and Linux: Visual QuickStart Guide, 4th Edition: With Unix, 4th Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide, readers can start from the beginning to get a tour of the Unix operating system, or look up specific tasks to learn just what they need to know. This task-based, visual reference guide uses step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots, and includes three years worth of new material based on the latest Unix developments. This reference guide details all Unix commands and options along with tips that put those commands in context. Leading Unix authorities Deborah S. Ray and Eric J. Ray leverage their expertise as technical writers and working in the industry (Sun Microsystems) as they take readers step-by-step through the most common Unix commands and options.

About the Author
Deborah S. Ray and Eric J. Ray are syndicated columnists and consultants. In addition, Deborah publishes TECHWR-L, a Web site for technical writers, and Eric is a senior technical writer for Sun Microsystems. The authors of many books on computers and computing systems, the Rays have received several awards from the Society of Technical Communications, including an International Distinguished Technical Communication award and an International Excellence award.

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