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Free Visual Basic and EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Visual Basic and EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Visual Basic and EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Applications: This guide provides expert, behind-the-code commentary on 101 fully executable code samplesódistilling more than 700 hours of programming time into best practices for Microsoft Windows Forms development.

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Visual Basic .NET for Developers: Visual Basic .NET for Developers

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Learning to Program Using Visual Basic 2008: # Thinking about .NET
# Using Visual Studio 2008
# Debugging Your Code and Handling Exceptions

Data Types and Variables
# Introducing Variables and Data Types
# Working with Variables and Data Types

Using the .NET Framework
# Using .NET Framework Classes
# Working with Strings
# Working with Dates and Times
# The My Namespace

Branching and Flow Control
# Conditional Branching
# Repeating Code Blocks
# Unconditional Branching

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Murach's Visual Basic 2010: Whether you're new to Visual Basic or you're upgrading to VB 2010 from an earlier version, this new edition of Murach's core VB book shows you how to develop the kind of bullet-proof Windows Forms applications that businesses rely on. Along the way, you'll learn how to quickly build database applications by using RAD features like data sources and the DataGridView control. You'll learn how to use object-oriented features like inheritance and interfaces as well as 2010 features like auto-implemented properties and collection initializers. You'll learn how to use LINQ to query data and XML to exchange data between applications. You'll learn how to take advantage of all the productivity features of Visual Studio 2010. When you re done, you'll be able to develop Windows Forms applications the way the best professionals develop them. That's why we say: No other book teaches you so much, so fast, or so thoroughly.

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Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition: Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition

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ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX and jQuery Using Visual Basic 2010 DVD: AJAX has brought a rich inactive content to web pages and web applications. The newest vision of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010 brings many plus to creating AJAX web content. This course covers some of the basics for using AJAX, dealing with server aide and client AJAX controls. Creating content rich AJAX applications will show how to use the UpdatePanel controls, page methods and other items. The AJAX Control Toolkit section will explain the controls, extenders, and script manager. The next part of the course explores the jQuery Library, which Microsoft has fully embraced as its client-side javascript library.You’ll learn about the library and how to put it to use, including how to write effective selectors to create matched sets of elements. Then you’ll learn how to bring a page alive with jQuery, using features like changing page content, animating elements on the page, and using the jQuery UI Library for even more effects. One of the original motivations for jQuery was to support AJAX, and the library includes rich support for asynchronous calls to the server. You’ll also learn how to make use of various other jQuery extensions and see how to build your own plugin.

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Professional Visual Basic 2008:
The 2008 version of Visual Basic is tremendously enhanced and introduces dramatic new concepts, techniques, and features to this popular object-oriented language. Written by an elite author team who are sympathetic to the challenges of learning VB 2008, this comprehensive book provides a clear and concise approach to using VB 2008 in the ever-expanding .NET world.

This book focuses on using the latest and most powerful tools from the Microsoft arsenal within your Visual Basic solutions. Looking closely at LINQ, AJAX, a new Visual Studio and more, you'll be able to take lessons from this book and apply them to what you are doing today. You'll examine everything from the .NET Framework to the best practices for deploying .NET applications to database access and integrating with other technologies, such as COM and XML

Date Added: 7/25/2011 3:22:03 AM | Visits: 24710

Visual Basic .NET and XML: An accessible and step by step approach to using VB.NET and XML enterprise application development
XML is a tool for interacting with, describing, and transporting data between machines across networks and across the Internet perfectly suited for Microsofts .NET plan to fully integrate the Internet into distributed computing.
By using real world and fully functional examples, this book quickly brings Visual Basic programmers and developers up to speed on XML for enterprise application development. The authors include an overview of XML and how it works with VB.NET, then explain how to use it to manipulate data in distributed environments. Microsoft Technologies
.NET Platform: The next big overhaul to Microsofts technologies that will bring enterprise distributed computing to the next level by fully integrating the Internet into the development platform. This will allow interaction between any machine, on any platform, and on any device.
Visual Basic.NET: The update to this popular visual programming language will offer greater Web functionality, more sophisticated object oriented language features, links to Microsofts new common runtime, and a new interface.
ASP.NET: A programming framework (formerly known as Active Server Pages) for building powerful Web based enterprise applications; can be programmed using VB.NET or C Sharp.
C Sharp: Microsofts new truly object oriented programming language that builds on the strengths of C++ and the ease of Visual Basic; promises to give Suns Java a run for its money.

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Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals: In the Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals course from LearnKey, expert Jim Fagundes teaches you how to create software applications. For those with some programming experience, this comprehensive training series provides instruction on the fundamentals of application development and will be your first step toward mastering Visual Basic 6.0.

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Visual Basic 2010: Werden Sie Visual Basic 2010-Profi! Das Buch spricht alle Themen an, die bei der tГ§glichen Visual Basic-Programmierung eine Rolle spielen. Alle wichtigen Aspekte von Programmiergrundlagen, Windows Forms und WPF, Datenbankabfragen mit LINQ, ein intensiver Einstieg in die objektorientierte Programmierung mit Visual Basic 2010 sowie der Datenbankzugriff mit Access oder auch SQL Server. Mit der Testsoftware auf CD kГ∂nnen Sie Ihr Wissen ГјberprГјfen.

Date Added: 7/25/2011 3:12:56 AM | Visits: 25502

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