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Android Application Development: Programming with the Google SDK

EBook NameAndroid Application Development: Programming with the Google SDK
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EBook Description: his practical book provides the concepts and code you need to develop software with Android, the open-source platform for cell phones and mobile devices that�s generating enthusiasm across the industry. Based on the Linux operating system and developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, Android has the potential to unite a fragmented mobile market. Android Application Development introduces this programming environment, and offers you a complete working example that demonstrates Android architectural features and APIs. With this book, you will: Get a complete introduction to the Android programming environment, architecture, and tools Build a modular application, beginning with a core module that serves to launch modules added in subsequent chapters Learn the concepts and architecture of a specific feature set, including views, maps, location-based services, persistent data storage, 2D and 3D graphics, media services, telephony services, and messaging Use ready-to-run example code that implements each feature Delve into advanced topics, such as security, custom views, performance analysis, and internationalization The book is a natural complement to the existing Android documentation provided by Google. Whether you want to develop a commercial application for mobile devices, or just want to create a mobile mashup for personal use, Android Application Development demonstrates how you can design, build, and test applications for the new mobile market.

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Android Application Development: Programming with the Google SDK - Free eBook Android Application Development: Programming with the Google SDK - Download ebook Android Application Development: Programming with the Google SDK free

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