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A Mother's Day Tale

Avg Rating: Not Rated

Description: Summary: It is the year 2044 and life couldn't be better for Cameron, except for the plaguing ache in his soul. (Please be warned: This e-book contains same-sex material)

Date Added: 3/31/2002 | Visits: 160

Addicted to Sex - Behind the Apron Sex: Book 1

Avg Rating: Not Rated

Description: What if you discovered you were part of a family of women assassins who's history of seduction and murder went back over 500 years? "Addicted to Sex" is the provocative memoir that is leaving readers... stunned. Enjoy this sexy sample!

Date Added: 7/12/2004 | Visits: 463

Erotic Tales Trial Edition.

Avg Rating: Not Rated

Description: Yours to download free. Plenty of sensual and explicit reading to enjoy right now. 86 pages of arousing story telling by Australian author, Robin Wild, plus erotic articles, sex tips and links.

Date Added: 7/10/2004 | Visits: 920

Guide to Successful Dating

Avg Rating: Not Rated

Description: Learn to overcome your fear of dating. Discover ways to attract the opposite sex. Rediscover the lost art of flirting. The art of kissing has been underrated. The taboo topic of sexual intimacy is discussed.

Date Added: 3/9/2003 | Visits: 382

Sexual Abuse: A Collection of Articles

Avg Rating: Not Rated

Description: A collection of articles about sexual abuse by psychotherapist, Kali Munro, M.Ed.

Date Added: 11/30/2002 | Visits: 305

Sexual Key

Avg Rating: Not Rated

Description: "Sexual Key" teaches the reader about the differences between the ways men and women process language and emotion, and how to use language to immediately induce states of intense pleasure in women.

Date Added: 1/22/2003 | Visits: 820

Sexual Secrets

Avg Rating:

Description: Free ebook on the sexual secrets of India (Kama Sutra)

Date Added: 10/3/2002 | Visits: 6529

THE LOST CONTINENT by Aleister Crowley

Avg Rating: Not Rated

Description: THE LOST CONTINENT by Aleister Crowley - A political satire and / or mystic treatise and / or deliberately obscure account of the O.T.O. system of sexual magick, under the guise of an account of Atlantis.

Date Added: 8/19/2002 | Visits: 329

Avg Rating: Not Rated
Description: Sexy femme noir of a female OO7! Laurel and her husband Mark live a normal life, till one day Laurel suddenly changes. For reasons she can not explain to herself Laurel finds herself with an uncontrollable compulsion to seek out men for sex. One break in her seemingly ordinary existence leads to another, and in an explosive argument with her husband, Laurel is stunned when Mark says their daughter is not his child. Soon, Laurel has been reunited with friends and family she does not remember, and a Dr. Celeste Morrow, who Laurel learns is her sister. Using hypnotherapy Celeste restores Laurel's memories of her real life, identity and purpose. Laurel discovers she is a member of the 'Sisterhood', a bloodline of women whose history of seduction and murder reach back over 500 years. The Sisterhood has been waiting for her return, for only Laurel has the skill to assassinate a sinister, Hitlerian madman who intends to rid the world of undesirables and replace them with a perfect race sired with the aid of his harem of perfect women. To stop him, Laurel will have to infiltrate his organization, gain his trust, and ultimately his love. Though Laurel still has doubts, she agrees - for the Sisterhood holds her daughter as 'insurance' that Laurel will carry out the mission. (The PRINT version of 'Seduction of Laurel' is 'Addicted to Sex' available at or

Date Added: 1/28/2005 | Visits: 458

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