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Below we have listed all the Free Media EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Media EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Light Propagation Through Biological Tissue and Other Diffusive Media: Theory, Solutions, and Software: This book provides foundational information on modeling light propagation through diffusive media, with special emphasis on biological tissue. A summary of the theoretical background on light propagation through diffusive media is provided with the aid of easy-to-use software designed to calculate the solutions of the diffusion equation. The book also provides: the basic theory of photon transport with the analytical solutions of the diffusion equation for several geometries; detailed coverage of the radiative transfer equation and the diffusion equation; the theories and the formulae based on the diffusion equation that have been widely used for biomedical applications; the general concepts and the physical quantities necessary to describe light propagation through absorbing and scattering media; and, a description of the software provided on the CD-ROM, along with the accuracy of the presented solutions. Although the theoretical and computational tools provided with this book and CD-ROM have their primary use in the field of biomedical optics, there are many other applications in which they can be used, including agricultural products, forest products, food products, plastic materials, pharmaceutical products, and many others.

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Editing with Avid Media Composer 5: Avid Media Composer is the standard editing system used by professionals in the film and television industries and with its many capabilities available at a low price, it�s well within the range of serious non-professionals too. With this latest release, Avid proves to be more innovative than ever in a fast-paced world of digital media.

Here to guide readers on the foundations of editing using Avid Media Composer 5 is the only book on the market officially developed and approved by Avid. Each chapter covers a complete lesson in the fundamentals, with step-by-step instructions and accompanying screenshots included so readers can absorb the details and start using the program right away. After discovering how to use the tools and understanding the editing workflow, they�ll go on to learn basic editing, timeline editing, and trimming, and then move on to refining audio, adding effects, performing color correction, creating titles, and finally managing projects and delivering the finished work. They�ll also learn about groundbreaking capabilities new to this version of Media Composer such as a drag-and-drop Timeline that allows its users to mix formats, frame rates, and resolutions, new direct editing capabilities for QuickTime, RED, XDCAM, and other tapeless media, and much more. Not only that, with the included DVD, readers can dive right in and follow along with the projects using professional footage from top television shows and films.

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The Survival of Soap Opera: Transformations for a New Media Era: The soap opera, one of U.S. television's longest-running and most influential formats, is on the brink. Declining ratings have been attributed to an increasing number of women working outside the home and to an intensifying competition for viewers' attention from cable and the Internet. Yet, soaps' influence has expanded, with serial narratives becoming commonplace on most prime time TV programs. The Survival of Soap Opera investigates the causes of their dwindling popularity, describes their impact on TV and new media culture, and gleans lessons from their complex history for twenty-first-century media industries.

The book contains contributions from established soap scholars such as Robert C. Allen, Louise Spence, Nancy Baym, and Horace Newcomb, along with essays and interviews by emerging scholars, fans and Web site moderators, and soap opera producers, writers, and actors from ABC's General Hospital, CBS's The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, and other shows. This diverse group of voices seeks to intervene in the discussion about the fate of soap operas at a critical juncture, and speaks to longtime soap viewers, television studies scholars, and media professionals alike.

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Women As Weapons Of War Iraq, Sex, And The Media: Ever since Eve tempted Adam with her apple, women have been regarded as a corrupting and destructive force. The very idea that women can be used as interrogation tools, as evidenced in the infamous Abu Ghraib torture photos, plays on age-old fears of women as sexually threatening weapons, and therefore the literal explosion of women onto the war scene should come as no surprise. From the female soldiers involved in Abu Ghraib to Palestinian women suicide bombers, women and their bodies have become powerful weapons in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. In Women as Weapons of War, Kelly Oliver reveals how the media and the administration frequently use metaphors of weaponry to describe women and female sexuality and forge a deliberate link between notions of vulnerability and images of violence. Focusing specifically on the U.S. campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, Oliver analyzes contemporary discourse surrounding women, sex, and gender and the use of women to justify America's decision to go to war. For example, the administration's call to liberate "women of cover," suggesting a woman's right to bare arms is a sign of freedom and progress. Oliver also considers what forms of cultural meaning, or lack of meaning, could cause both the guiltlessness demonstrated by female soldiers at Abu Ghraib and the profound commitment to death made by suicide bombers. She examines the pleasure taken in violence and the passion for death exhibited by these women and what kind of contexts created them. In conclusion, Oliver diagnoses our cultural fascination with sex, violence, and death and its relationship with live news coverage and embedded reporting, which naturalizes horrific events and stymies critical reflection. This process, she argues, further compromises the borders between fantasy and reality, fueling a kind of paranoid patriotism that results in extreme forms of violence.

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Pro Android Media Developing Graphics, Music, Video: Mobile devices have evolved to focus on rich media production and consumption. Developers of mobile applications are able to create applications that allow people to play, capture, and share media in a variety of new ways on mobile devices. The popularity of Android has soared in part because the platform offers developers a rich set of capabilities including access to media capturing and playback functions.
Pro Android Media provides concise and clear instruction on how to utilize the media APIs made available through Android to create dynamic apps. It takes you from a simple means to gain access to the camera to complex video capture and sharing examples. It also covers sound, graphics, painting, and more?everything you need to make your app come ?alive.?
After reading this book, the app you create will showcase the best of multimedia that Android has to offer.
What you?ll learn
* Develop graphics, music, video and rich media apps for Android smartphones and tablets
* Build touchscreen input features into Android apps that allow users to draw, paint, and do other creative forms of input.
* Turn the Android smartphone into a full fledged media player
* How to integrate and use location based services and media related web service APIs
Who this book is fThis book is aimed primarily at the growing market of Android developers. It is written in such a way that it may be used by those who are familiar with Android, but have no experience developing applications that deal with images, audio, or video.

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Francois Gossieaux and Ed Moran, "The Hyper-Social Organization: Eclipse Your Competition by Leveraging Social Media": Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. LinkedIn. Unless you're living in the Stone Age, it's hard to ignore all the social networking tools that have taken the world by storm. To keep up--and stay competitive--you need to rethink how your organization interacts with this brave new world. You need to stop marketing to consumers and start socializing with communities who know what they like and aren't afraid to share it. You need to understand the power of social media?and use it to your best advantage. You need The Hyper-Social Organization. Based on the famous "Tribalization of Business Study"--a wide-ranging annual survey conducted by Francois Gossieaux of Beeline Labs and Ed Moran of Deloitte--this is the definitive guide to using social media for organizational success. The book's surprising findings and in-depth interviews will challenge everything you know about corporate-consumer relations?starting with The 5 Steps to Being Hyper-Social: Forget technology?understand the four drivers of successful communities. Forget market segments and consumers?think tribes and humans. Forget company-centricity? think human-centricity. Forget channels?think networks. Forget process and hierarchies? think social messiness. Social media is changing the world as we know it. This book shows you how to change your organization and be on the leading edge of the movement. Instead of marketing to general target groups, Gossieaux and Moran reveal how you can refocus your efforts to home in on what matters most to people?the communities or "tribes" that are at the core of their "identities"?and unite them through their shared passions, problems, responsibilities, wants, and needs. You'll discover how to establish a real human presence on the Web and in social media communities and sites to open up a naturally flowing, mutual?and mutually beneficial?exchange of ideas and information. And you'll see what leading companies like Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, IBM, Marriott, Eli Lilly, and others are doing right?and how you can do it too. Best of all, you'll hear fascinating, in-depth interviews with today's trendsetters about what their businesses are doing to become Hyper-Social. Being social has always played a key role in success. Being a Hyper-Social organization will take you to the next level.

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The Media Teacher's Book, 2nd Edition: In a rapidly changing media landscape, THE MEDIA TEACHER'S BOOK SECOND EDITION and website is the one-stop shop for all media teachers, whatever your level of experience. Providing you with invaluable lesson ideas and guidance through key areas that form the core of all specifications, whether you are teaching GCSE, A-level or Creative and Media Diplomas and BTECS, you will find this an essential teaching tool. THE MEDIA TEACHER'S BOOK SECOND EDITION offers you: - a strategy for contemporary media teaching based in active, practical learning - access to 100 easily implementable, time-saving lesson ideas for approaching concepts and content - sound advice on preparing lessons effectively - strategies for raising achievement among your students - guidance on how to assess your students' work effectively - practical advice on best practice for teaching specific areas. The authors combine the experience of a principal examiner and media teaching expert with that of a practised classroom teacher leading the delivery of new media qualifications in a successful and well-respected sixth form college.

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Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook: * Customization 101
* Required Downloads
* Movie Organization
o Join Two-Part Movies
o Get MetaData for Your Movies
* Configure Media Browser
o Set up Actor Images
o Add Media Browser to W7MC Start Menu
o Change Media Browser Icon in Startup Menu
o Add Custom Genre Icons to Media Browser
o Speed Up Media Browser Using USB Flash Drive
* Hide the Default Movie Strip
* Change W7MC Background

What Type of Customization?
You can get the following effects:
Movie Genre Sections with Icons
Customized Menus and Backgrounds
Coverflow DVD/Blu Ray Art

Date Added: 3/6/2011 9:17:57 PM | Visits: 32985

Streaming Media Architectures, Techniques, and Applications: Recent Advances: Streaming Media Architectures, Techniques, and Applications: Recent Advances /by Ce Zhu, Yuenan Li, and Xiamu Niu. Streaming media is one of the most exciting and active research topics with continuing significant progress in the multimedia area, where streaming media has been experiencing dramatic growth and stepped into mainstream media communications. Streaming Media Architectures, Techniques, and Applications: Recent Advances spans a number of interdependent and emerging topics in streaming media. Streaming media is inherently a cross-disciplinary subject that involves information theory, signal processing, communication and networking etc. Coding and transmission definitely lie in the core position in streaming media, and these research topics have been extremely active in recent years. This book is a comprehensive collection of topics including media coding, wireless/mobile video, P2P media streaming, and applications of streaming media.

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2011 Social Media Directory: Quick access to today's top Face book, Twitter, and Linked In resources - on business, entertainment, politics, health, sports, and much more! A single, up-to-the-minute source for all the best new resources on today's top social networks More than 3,000 entries on parenting, shopping, fashion, sports, travel, religion, and many other topics A huge time saver: helps users instantly uncover hidden "gems" they'd otherwise have to search for, stumble upon, or never find at all!

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