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Below we have listed all the Free Internet EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Internet EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet: The promise of Web casting, multimedia, streaming video and audio, video conferencing, and multiuser virtual reality (VRML) environments all may soon be realized thanks to something called the MBONE. MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet is the complete, authoritative introduction to this exciting new technology. MBONE insiders Kevin Savetz, Neil Randall, and Yves Lepage provide a rare look at the hardware and software you'll need to take advantage of one of the most important Internet innovations since the World Wide Web.

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 34267

Beyond the Basics: This objective of this valuable resource book is two-fold�(1) compile the various facets of existing WWW technology into a comprehensible whole, and (2) reorganize this vast information base into fundamental, manageable divisions. The material in the book caters to both novice users of the WWW�who want a fundamental knowledge about existing and evolving Web technology�and professional users�who want in-depth information on specific topics.

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33604

Windows NT Internet and Intranet Development: Windows NT Internet and Intranet Development

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33372

Net Result: Web Marketing That Works: This textbook-style treatment of the subject offers a lot of useful advice for marketing on the Web now and in the future. The first section starts off by highlighting the six return-on-investment (ROI) models: brand building, direct marketing, online sales, customer support, market research, and content publishing and services. Using examples, Net Results shows how different tactics have helped various kinds of Web sites achieve their goals. The book provides guidelines on design and what information to include as well as tips on developing a domain brand. Part 2 focuses on audience development, discussing how to use search engines, directories, and online communities to help customers find your Web site, plus innovative ways that helped develop brand identity for some companies. This section also details how public relations and Web advertising are vastly different for the Internet and explains why.

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 32764

The Electronic Commerce Dictionary: OK, so you're not a hacker or a cracker...maybe you're a newbie or a surfer...or maybe you just want to look for opportunities to profit from electronic commerce. Whichever, this dictionary is for you. Compiled by a consultant with 15 years in data communications and business management, The Electronic Commerce Dictionary strives to fulfill the promise of its subtitle. Electronic Commerce is defined by the author as 'the conducting of business communication and transactions over networks and through computers. As most restrictively defined, electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds, through digital communications. But EC also includes all inter-company and intra-company functions...that enable commerce and utilize E-mail, EDI, file transfer, Fax, video conferencing, workflow or interaction with a remote computer (including the use of the World Wide Web).' More than 900 terms and acronyms are defined, including more than 200 Web electronic-commerce reference sites. The sites are listed with Internet addresses. Included are definitions for many topics within the field of electronic commerce: blind entry, clearings, demand deposit account, electronic signature, and information appliance. Here, too, are acronyms: I-WAY, IAB, IANA, ICMP. There are also protocols, those rules and guidelines that determine how computers on a network communicate with one another, such as DSS (Digital Signature Standard) and MNP5 (Microcom Networking Protocol, Class Five). Electronic commerce is nothing short of a revolution in business. Haynes succeeds in making the buzzwords, abbreviations, and acronyms of this emerging field understandable to anyone with modest computer literacy. Recommended for academic and public libraries of all sizes. Updates to the book, including terms created after its publication, will be published on the Electronic Commerce Dictionary.

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33303

Introduction to Computer, Internet & Network Systems Security: Introduction to Computer, Internet & Network Systems Security

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33121

Windows NT 4 Web Development: Windows NT and Microsoft's newly developed Internet Information Server is making it easier and more cost-effective to set up, manage, and administer a good Web site. Since the Windows NT environment is relatively new, there are few book on the market that adequately discusses its full potential. Windows NT 4 Web Development addresses that potential by providing information on all key aspects of server setup, maintenance, design, and implementation. - Teaches how to incorporate new technologies to your Web site

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33182

Designing and Implementing Microsoft Internet Information Server: This book details the specific tasks to setting up and running a Microsoft Internet Information Server. Readers will learn troubleshooting, network design, security, and cross platform integration procedures. - Teaches security issues and how to maintain an efficient, secure network

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33249

Developing Intranet Applications with Java: The first third of Developing Intranet Applications with Java isn't strictly about Java. Rather, it's about intranets, with some information about Java development environments and code style. (The author has some novel ideas about pretty-printing.) This may be a selling point for those who have been called upon to set up an intranet and implement Java programs on it all at once; others may consider it filler material. The cool thing in Developing Intranet Applications with Java is that author Jerry Ablan has put together custom software for both the book and its accompanying CD-ROM. The Java Intranet Framework (JIF) is a set of classes you can use as a base for writing corporate intranet tools. In fact, Ablan goes into great detail about using the JIF to write a conference tool, a benefits-management tool, the electronic equivalent of a magnetic in/out board, a product maintenance tracker, and several other tools. It's interesting to see how the JIF facilitates these products and how you can expand upon them. If you want to see, in detail, how one programmer created a suite of intranet tools, this book is the one for you.

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33044

Special Edition Using Microsoft Commercial Internet System: Special Edition Using Microsoft Commercial Internet System contains all the information an administrator needs to properly install, configure and maintain a commercial Web site or corporate intranet using the Normandy platform. It provides complete coverage on the major components of Normandy, plus system planning, deployment, troubleshooting, and building custom business solutions. - Explains which servers users need, how to plan installation, and how to effectively maintain sites * Includes in-depth coverage of how to configure which of six major server components * Shows how to best integrate the different servers and the most effective methods for working with legacy systems and data

Date Added: 8/8/2008 | Visits: 33498

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